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Letters to the Historic Grand Prix

Dear Phil -

Thanks for your kind note. I'm glad your folks were very pleased with the weekend. From where I stood it looked great. I think the speedway was pleased with the formation lap that you did at the beginning of each session - it looked great.

As with many thing, it came down to communication. Once everyone understood what the Speedway was trying to accomplish and we knew what you wanted to do, everyone cooperated to make it happen. Your drivers did a terrific job in staying with the plan that we had worked out. Please thank them for us.

I am very pleased that everyone enjoyed themselves. I know that the crowd loved seeing the cars!

Warmest Regards,
Bob Pierson

Competitions Director

To Historic Grand Prix:

Fantastic !!! Found your site while doing a websearch for François Cevert, the hero of my teens.....I had no idea that so many cars of my dear 70's are still alive and running.....the whole project of historic GP is just sensational , I am just amazed that it happens in the US where the interest on F1 is not at the top.....but I guess it's the only country where you find enough people with the wealth AND the passion AND the driving skills to make up such a field .

Last year i was thrilled to watch the Sports Prototypes and Canam historic cars of your British "cousins" of the "Supersports" series at the Australian GP in Melbourne , I do hope that one day I'll be able to attend one of your events .

Cheers from New Caledonia , a lost French island in the South Pacific

Philippe ROCHE

To Historic Grand Prix:

The site looks great. I love all of the IMS related photos. The cars looked good on the front straight. I am already looking forward to next year.

Mel Harder

Vice President Operations
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Gentlemen and Becky,

Enjoyed being part of the show (Embassy Racing Shadow). The exhibit tent and facilities were first class and if spectator interest was an indication of success we hit a home run!! How could you not get excited when the cars were fired up. The energy level was off the charts. For some spectators it had to be the best act in the entire show. Where else can you get that close to fire breathing 3.0 litre engines - certainly not in the contemporary F1 garage area.

Also a special thanks to Bruce McCaw and his entire hospitality crew. Those desserts were wonderful as were the candles in the porta potties. What a novel idea!!

We befriended a father and son team visiting the US from Great Britain. They had remembered seeing Graham Hill in the DN1 Shadow in 1973 and it brought back many old and fond memories for them. This is what Historic Grand Prix is all about. The next day, they showed up and we brought them under the ropes. 

Minutes later, the son, now a policeman in GB was handed a tire gauge and was given the task of bringing down the over inflated tires to their racing temps. He was all grins like a kid in a candy store.

I'm still grinning. It was an amazing experience. I too looked in awe at Watkins Glen in 1973 as the F1 mechanics tore into the cars in the Kendal Center. Now I was sitting in Graham's seat pushing the brake pedal as the mechanic torqued the nuts and the crowd outside looked in with curiosity and envy. Way cool!!!!

Thanks for your vision and organization.

Chris Ober


Exceptional Web Site.

Informative and terrific pictures.

Big kiss to James King wherever he is... from Linda.

Mark, Linda and Mariah Mountanos

(former custodians of the 1976 March F-1/First National City, #10)

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